Analysis of indoor aldehydes in the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station


The study of indoor air quality has recently increased since most of the time people are in closed spaces. A large contribution to the emission of indoor pollutants is originated from human activities and building processes. Volatile Organic Compounds, mainly from the aldehydes group are present in most parts of new flooring and furnishing, furthermore, these substances have adverse effects on human health. This study investigated the aldehyde concentration using passive samplers in many places of Comandante Ferraz Brazilian Antarctic Station. The results showed compounds like formaldehyde, acrolein, acetaldehyde and hexanaldehyde with significant concentration indoors, in that formaldehyde concentration in new rooms exceeded the guidelines of the World Health Organization. Therefore, these results show the need for monitoring these compounds as well as the study of the sources of emission.

Date: 2011

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