Antartica's New Buildings: Wastewater and Energy Systems

After the historical period characterized by the search for constructive solutions that allow safe permanence in Antarctica, currently one observes a greater concern with environmental aspects and an explicit claim to undertake the occupation so as to cause minimal or no environmental impact at all. In this scenario, the technologies employed in energy systems and sewage treatment play an important role and contribute with the development of more efficient and sustainable buildings. The aim of this research was to identify and systematize the technologies adopted by referential buildings for energy systems and wastewater treatment plants. The adopted methodology started from the previous selection of six buildings located at sites environmentally differentiated and built in the last decade. As a result, summary charts were prepared with the main features of the systems adopted, being noticeable a trend for the reuse of grey water and adoption of energy from renewable sources concomitant to traditional systems with fossil fuel generators.

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