Methodology of thermal performance assessment of Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Base (Brazil)


The studies on thermal comfort establish the conditions required to evaluate and form an idea concerning a thermal environment appropriate for activities and human occupancy, in addition to the institution of methods and principles for a detailed thermal analysis of an environment. The inhospitable climatic conditions in the Antarctic environment (low temperatures, high wind speeds, isolation and the need for conservation of the natural environment) demand a deep study of several fields comprising the environmental comfort of the buildings, since the observance of national and international regulations related to this subject means an additional connection with personal safety, as well as assuring the health and well-being of the users. The purpose of this research is to assess the level of thermal insulation efficiency of the envelopment of the Comandante Ferraz Brazilian Antarctic Base (EACF, acronym in Portuguese) by means of measurements of thermal comfort indices in pre-selected environments, using for this proper equipment in accordance with international standards. The results showed differences in temperature in evaluated environments and reflect inefficiency in the insulating material.

Date: 2010

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