Antartica's new buildings: Searching for more efficient constuctive systems

Taking into account the need for rebuilding the Comandante Ferraz Antarctic Station due to the destruction of its main
building in February 2012, this research is aimed at identifying and analyzing the constructive techniques employed in reference to scientific stations, addressing potential replicability for new Brazilian buildings. The methodology adopted, in addition to the required literature review, established as timeframe for choosing referential buildings the maximum period of 10 years of construction. Six buildings were previously selected and analyzed according to the aspects of architecture and constructive systems. The information has been selected and systematized in the form of a summary table. The results pointed to recurring use of constructive systems based on metallic structures, designed in a modular way and protected by coatings isolating them from the direct action of the weather, with techniques developed in accordance with the logistical support available. Furthermore, the aerodynamic design of the buildings and the ground elevation were observed, as well as a marked concern for the use of proven efficient technologies without restricting aspects of innovation.

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