Proposition of Upgrading of the ISMAS Tool Case of Study: Plastic Lumber

Currently, it is increasingly essential to professionals related to building the search for knowledge on the aspects of sustainability, in particular the knowledge inherent to the materials. In this sense, the use of instruments that help in choosing basing materials in this context emerged as a facilitating tool in the projetual process. Thus, this research aimed to use one selection material tool, ISMAS - Tool for Selection of more Sustainable Materials, which is in improvement phase, to analyze the sustainability of plastic lumber or thermoplastic composite. Stands out that this same material has already been tested in the before step of the tool improvement, it was possible to assess its performance in relation to the criteria adopted initially. The methodology was based on literature review, and it was used as the main references the assessment tool and softwares of materials selection guided by sustainable parameters. The next stage is characterized by the use of instrument ISMAS for testing. As a result, performance of the plastic lumber obtained was 0.94 degree in a range that varies from -1 to 1, provided in the tool. The test can also detect that plastic lumber has characteris tics that make it a promising material when evaluated on the aspect of sustainability and the criteria entered into the instrument allowed a greater conceptual range, emphasizing the maintenance of the main feature of the tool, which is to be simple and practical use.

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