Reflection on use of polyvinyl chloride construction components as alternative to buildings in Antarctica


The need for establishing buildings in areas of difficult access and environmental interest, such as Antarctica and Brazilian oceanic islands, induces to search adequate technologies to both local conditions and potential of the domestic market. This research is focused on evaluation of the potentiality of the polyvinyl chloride for have requirements or be able to met the established conditions, as well as for has good cost-benefit, low maintenance, adaptation to the available logistics, weathering and corrosion strength, acoustic and thermal insulation, among others. The adequacy of the polyvinyl chloride was evaluated by the analysis of its properties and characteristics in relation to the environmental conditioning factors of interest, either in the technical aspects or the analysis of possible environmental impacts. The methodology was based on mainly the analysis of data and intended information, and it was supplemented with specific technical documentation related to use of the polyvinyl chloride in Antarctica. The results suggest the technical adequacy of the material in relation to environmental conditioning factors, however still there is no enough information allowing a position on the adequacy in terms of environmental aspects.

Date: 2010

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