Smart Cities: Selection of Indicators for Vitória

Since 2007, urban cities have become the main living environment of humanity, as opposed to rural areas. Thus,
with the increase of urban areas, it is appropriate to develop techniques for the orderly and integrated growth of
the cities. The concept of Smart City arises in this context. Considering the particular challenges of each city to
become a Smart City, it is necessary to select specific indicators to meet these different requirements. This article
aims to select the most adequate indicators to measure Vitória’s performance as a Smart City. The European
Smart Cities assessment tool was selected and studied to serve as a reference for the selection process of
indicators. Afterwards, the indicators were selected based on suitability, clarity and availability criteria, and weights
were assigned by their relevance, based on their compliance with the strategic goals of the city. This study suggests
the indicators to measure Vitória’s performance and reveals the need to improve the tool with the addition of
indicators that are more suitable to local needs.

Keywords: smart city, indicators, green rating tool

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