Thermal Performance as a Parameter of Choice of Materials: Brazilian Antarctic Station

In the atypical context of Antarctica, it must be considered the specific environmental conditions of the region in
order to make the correct selection of more sustainable and efficient materials. Among them, there are the climatic
characteristics, the isolation and the need to preserve the natural environment. The main goal of this research was
to evaluate the thermal performance and the energy efficiency of new buildings of the EACF, (Comandante Ferraz
Antarctic Station), expected to be finished in 2018, aiming to get and establish parameters for the new Brazilian
buildings in Antarctica. To obtain the performance results of the station it was used the software Design Builder,
and the study was conducted in two stages: at the first, the definition of the model, the characteristics and the
properties of the materials specified in the project; and in the second stage it was determined the methodology for
evaluations and the simulations.. The results demonstrated the performance of the building envelope, allowing to
evaluate the materials used, pointing out possible improvements. Alternatively it was proposed to replace the
galvanized steel coating specified for the envelope, for PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), material that showed better
results regarding the thermal performance and sustainability indicators.

Keywords: antarctica, thermal performance, envelope

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